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Submitted on
November 17, 2012
Image Size
6.4 MB


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Camera Data

Canon EOS 500D
Shutter Speed
1/250 second
Focal Length
60 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Nov 16, 2012, 11:31:27 PM
Adobe Photoshop CS5 Macintosh
Sensor Size
Beautiful Baldessa 1a by NGraingerPhoto Beautiful Baldessa 1a by NGraingerPhoto
My new (old) camera, a Balda Baldessa 1a, she's truly BEAUTIFUL! (Yes she) I can't wait to shoot off and develop my first film with this great vintage beauty! I had great fun capturing this too, I have a ring flash and macro lens out of loan from my university at the moment and thought I might try to do my new baby justice :) No crazy Photoshopping or GIMPing on this one, except for a format change I think (Bleurgh, Jpegs!) just developed in Camera RAW.

These are really unique little cameras, I would definitely recommend a Balda if you're interested in vintage cameras or photography. This one has an interesting shutter release on the front which is actually really convenient compared to its predecessor which as an awkward piano key type release on the top. The film is wound by a key which folds out beneath the camera body and it is actually really easy to use this to support the camera while you shoot. This also means you can wind and shoot without taking the camera away from your face. The COOLEST thing about this camera though, is the focussing mechanism! Unlike most non-reflex camera, with this one you can actually see focus through the viewfinder, kind of like with an SLR. It's a really magical process focussing with her, in the view finder you'll usually see a double image in the centre of the view: by turning the cog on the front, this moved the two images together. When only one is visible, the image will be sharp =D I think it's brilliant!


This is worth a full view!

Been put through some decent photoshop training recently and had to go back and start this one from the beginning, I'm really happy with the results. So it has changed slightly, but it's one hundred times better!

Canon 500D>EF 60mm USM Macro>Ringflash>Camera Raw 6.0>PS CS5 Voila!

Desktop version downloadable here:
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lovely classic camera :)
NGraingerPhoto Nov 22, 2012  Student Photographer
Yep and now fully working for sure, processed my first set of negs from it yesterday and they look great :D
Nice one ;) hopefully we will see some on here ?
NGraingerPhoto Nov 22, 2012  Student Photographer
Printing on monday so I don't see why not :)
U using B&W or colour ?
I was wandering if the lens is coated for colour it being old ?:) thanx for the watch :iconslipperyhugplz:
NGraingerPhoto Nov 22, 2012  Student Photographer
Now that you mention it I think I remember reading that it might be coated for colour, but the negs I have are black and white which I have developed myself, I've been shooting on colour today but I'm not keen on the cost of developing :/ I'll be able to develop colour in a couple of years time thanks to my course but it's a hell of a wait ...
II just checked and the lens says
Colour-westenar so i guess its colour coated
NGraingerPhoto Nov 22, 2012  Student Photographer
Must have been where I saw it! The black and white negs look superb so it can't have made too much of a difference :P I'm actually really into old cameras and have been sourcing and shooting mine and others' cameras it's turning into a bit of a series :)
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I shuld have looked closer a the photo :) it clearly says
Colour - westenar
UomoAnalogico Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Beautiful, it also has a modern design for a camera rather "dated"
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